With the strategy ensuring product quality at a high level, TrangCorp has consistantly pursued the production process improvement and quality management, and achieve a variety of certifications from prestigious organizations locally and internationally. This is the major strengths of TrangCorp that the majority of firms in the industry have not got yet.The typical certification may include: (1) HACCP - certified eligible for food safety in the production, aquaculture business; (2) BRC - Global Standard for Food Safety; apply globally and be allowed to export to the UK market and several large retailers in the United States; (3) IFS - International Food Standards; international application and essential for foreign importing clients (mainly Europe), (4) BAP: standards meet the world's demand for processing plants have good aquaculture products, etc.

Besides, the company is always in compliance with the regulations before and after achieving certifications, in order to meet the re- evaluation of the certification. The certifications that Trang has gained help the company's products approach customers, and also be the most stringent measurement of the quality management system of the Company.



Quality Control department of the company includes employees with good educational background, regularly trained through courses such as HACCP, instructions on chemical preservatives usage, additives, microbiological, antibiotics testing; calibration laboratories equipment measurement, quality control in processing seafood etc.

The company has invested in laboratories with modern equipment to serve the sampling and products analysis to ensure food safety in the production, microbiological and antibiotics testing, check the products before selling.

All quality control procedures are supervised rigorously at every stage of the production process from purchasing the product until the finished product is completed.