On April 4th , the annual shareholder meeting of Trang Corcoporation (TFC ) approved the  action plan in 2016 , as well as the increase of the charter capital of the Company.


In 2016 - 2017, TFC is expected to issue a maximum of 10 million shares to strategic shareholders at a price decided by the Board.

The release aims to investments in subsidiaries, branches established investment offices overseas countries, merger and acquisition and foreign companies and supplement working capital. 

Vo Thien Chuong, CFO said, since listing to now, many investors have put the desired attention and investment industries in Vietnam. There are over 5 investors expressed, but TFC is not closing the negotiation process to find suitable partners. TFC Board planed to expand the international market with the aim to make the most advantage in the business to grow rapidly in size, revenue and profit. Therefore, the Board of Directors expected to expand in Europe, America, Australia and Asia in order to serve the business plan 2016 and the following years. In addition, the Board of Directors and the General Assembly decided to consider plans to invest in the sales system, the distributor partner of the company as Trangs Food - Australia, Trangs UK - UK and USA in the US Trangs.

According to the plan, this year, TFC will issue shares to raise capital from 110 billion to 165 billion through the issuance of stock dividends in 2015, the rate of 25%.


With the support of shareholders, the Company believes the possibility of sustainable development and market expansion in the future.