Trangs’ is a family business. Love is the key for family so hence love is key for Trangs. At Trangs we love our staff and hope they love us back.

We must love our work. We do not work for money but for the passion we have in what we do. The passion is what drives us and motivates others


We should always remember to “WORK ON THE BUSINESS”. We will have to work in the business sometimes but always try to WOTB. This means creating systems. If we have great systems then it will make everyone’s work easier


We are an A-class company with A-class standards with A-class products and A-class employees and we need to employ A-class people. It is a standard we want to create.


We should do everything NOW. Prioritize our work then action straight away. We should never leave things last minute. We work in the FMCG industry, this stands for Fast Moving Consumer Goods. FAST MOVING! So therefore we must be fast and act NOW


Grow business: we should always look at growing the business. If we do not grow we will fail. Grow in revenue, grow in margin etc. however sometimes, we grow respect by saying No to business. This shows that our company has a standard (A-class)

Grow team: as an individual we can only do so much. But as a team we can accomplish more. The trick is the grow the team at the right time and with A-class members.

But most importantly, we must grow our staff and individuals.