Bộ bánh hấp: hakau vàng, gyoza xanh, shiumai tím

Steam: Cook from frozen. Steam at medium heat for 7-9 mins

Microwave: Cook from frozen, place the dimsum onto a lightly oiled non-metallic plate with a sprinkle of water. Lossely cover with cling film

Heat on full power (900w) for 2mins-2mins30. Please ensure food is piping hot before serving. All cooking appliances vary. This is guide only

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Mô tả

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Hakau:Prawn, carrot, yam bean, water chesnut, bamboo shoot, …

Shiumai: Prawn, fish, modified corn starch, water chestnut, tapioca starch, carrot,…

Gyoza: Yam bean, cabbage, carrot, garlic, wheat flour, Salt, …

Sản phẩm: Hấp.

Trọng lượng: 20gr/pc/ variant

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